• #ScaleYourPassion | Brian Seymore

    "The goal of everything that I do is engagement, especially when it comes to black and brown people. There are a lot of un-nuanced narratives around “empowerment” [directed toward black and brown communities] which can ultimately be oppressive, especially in a Capitalist society. The fact is, everyone is empowered to be a creative. People just need the tools to build. That is what drives my work, personally and professionally." - Brian Seymore for BCAN
  • [The Uncommon Creatives] Interview with Brian Seymore

    "I met this mastermind at an event that he invited me to many months ago. Ever since then he has always been able to offer valuable perspective when I and others need it. Brian may be in his early twenties, but his mind is far beyond his years. Anytime that we meet up, aside the crude jokes we may exchange, we also discuss ideas/goals for ourselves and our businesses. Brian is not a believer in giving up as he is able to seek out every positive outcome to a situation before you can even get one pessimistic thought out of your mouth. This interview may have been one that I can relate to most as Brian discusses instances that mirror my creative experience." - Shae McCoy (