Infrared Angel - Everyday Premium Toting Bag

From the inception of the Brian Seymore Supply Group, the priority has been communicating simplicity; highlighting the "why," the intention of it all. It's a question I've learned to ask of everything around me. The complexity available in the market to solve the very essential question of how to get your things from point A to point often negates the why we carry our things. This question is answered in our initial product offering. 
Front-Large Format
Back-Large Format
Everyday Premium Toting Bag


The Large Format options from Brian Seymore Supply Group features an interior open concept carrying option.
Inside Pocket-Large Format (exclusive)
Both the Standard and Large format options feature a lightweight poly textile construction and premium cotton handles provide the utility for this design. Super vibrant fade resistant color with double sided graphic.

Available for purchase until Spring 2020

Contents weight not to exceed -44lbs

-Everything you've ever wanted-

Front-Standard Format
Back-Standard Format
The Everyday Premium Toting Bag from Brian Seymore Supply Group is an infinitely simple "thing" in ideology and literally. The restraint of the product making it indispensable as it solves the how we carry all things, anywhere, utilizing industrial design to communicate the solution. We felt there was a need for a tote bag that made the statement of who the wearer is, rather than what the user spent as with designer options. This bag is for everyone, everyday.