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Infrared Angel Lookbook

"Infrared Angel" is the latest capsule collection available now from Brian Seymore Supply Group for Fall/Winter 2019. Attached is the complete ART PACK for this collection.

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ACTIVATED: National Bohemian

" ACTIVATED: " is a rotating branding partnership created to enact intermediate marketing strategies on a creative platform. A seamless connecter that uses intimate and immersive creative labs to activate consumers and the spaces they exist in. " ACTIVATED: " is a liaison translating commerce through culture.

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The Bag for Everyone, Everyday.

The Everyday Premium Toting Bag from Brian Seymore Supply Group is an infinitely simple "thing" in ideology and literally. The restraint of the product making it indispensable as it solves the how we carry all things, anywhere, utilizing industrial design to communicate the solution. We felt there was a need for a tote bag that made the statement of who the wearer is, rather than what the user spent as with designer options. This bag is for everyone, everyday.

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